Cupping Courses

Hijama Diploma

This course involves study of ten detailed modules that will cover the
important aspects from the history, illnessess, anatomy to the drawing up treatment plans. There is 400 hours of study, teaching, practical work and assessment . There is a minimum 4 days direct training & practical work. Therfore, the course is 50% practical and 50% theory which is completed within 3-6 months.

This is a certified course and accredited by IPHM.

Cost £600


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Healing Remedies Course

Covers for

Covering history of various remedies: herbs, substances, oils used to treat modern illnesses and conditions and much more.

Learn about why do we get the modern day illnesses, their causes and
how we can learn healing techniques from various traditions

This is a certified course and accredited by IPHM. Cost £400, £250 for previous students

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Soap Making Course

Online Store

Make soaps at home using natural ingredients. For various skin type
and health conditions. This course is FREE when you book the Healing Remedies course.

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Manchester City Council

What the Senior Social workers said

We enjoyed all of the programme, we found everything very helpful & interesting. This is one of the best training we have done”


Bernadette Baldwin (ASBAH Adviser)

I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed the course. The course material was detailed well presented and thought provoking.”

Sarah Khan

Did Diploma in Hijama & related Therapies

This course was excellent, I am a fully qualified Hijama therapist now & the knowledge I gained from this course was excellent. Tutor support & ongoing support really helped. I recommend HLW courses to everyone out their”

Best The Education Business Partnership

Christine Oldham Lead Manager Said

“I have recently attended two courses; I found the courses developed my understanding tremendously as well as confirming my existing awareness & knowledge”

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Cups & Hand-Pumps

Top Grade wet cupping/hijama cups & hand pumps coming soon !

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Organic & Handmade Soaps

Coming Soon

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Organic Honey Coming soon

100% various types of honey coming soon !

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Organic Herbs coming soon

100% Organic herbs coming soon

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